Lately, the jewelry has been on the rise. Whether you are looking for an accessible brand, want to make a nice gift or offer a beautiful piece to a friend, focus on the new must-have brands.

Notice to those who are looking for more than an ornament, but a real accessory of life. Because the jewel, after having also suffered the torments of fast-fashion which gave it a playful but unfortunately also disposable aura, now takes back the place it deserves by right. Far from belonging to these jewels that we buy and that we forget almost immediately, the pieces of the brands that we present to you are of these precious objects that will accompany you all your life.
Semi-luxury jewelry brands to those more fancy, or authentic collection brands, have made the presentations.

Alighieri‘s jewellery has something ancient about it: you feel like an archaeologist who has discovered a real treasure when you look at the different pieces in the collection, created by Rosh Mahtani in 2014, the brand is inspired by the oldest stories in European literature: Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.The London-born creator raised in Zambia studied French and Italian literature and found herself totally fascinated by the work of the Italian poet, and each piece of jewellery she creates is an echo of one of the poems in this epic trilogy.

Imperfect, its pieces like the ring “the lost dreamer”, which refers to the poet’s mysticism, is handcrafted in a bronze plated with 24-carat gold and requires between 10 and 14 days of manufacture. the pieces are therefore created according to demand, making each model unique and manufactured only for the wearer. a precious object to be passed on from generation to generation.

While Paris is home to many jewellery houses, the city – strengthened by its multicultural spirit – is also witnessing the birth of a new wave of designers, including SafSafu, a label born in 2016 that created Safu Seghatoleslami.A designer born in Tehran, raised in Barcelona and currently based in the French capital, who incorporates her various Persian and Western influences into the products she creates, a warm and colourful universe of quality since the pieces are made in Italy in 24K gold and silver plating.

From her pop and sweetened universe, we remember her earrings made of a white flower, fake pearl and Swarovski crystals, but also the necklace made of pearls and transparent crystals attached to a metallic base and held by a black velvet ribbon.Extravagant, SafSafu pieces are recommended for those who are not cold and like to wear pieces that have as much character as they do.Fans of pop pieces, but discreet, will always be able to take an interest in rings such as the wedding ring, a massive piece inspired by 18th century jewellery.

Jewellery has always been a matter of noble materials: gold, silver, precious stones… For Sophie Meena, a Frenchwoman now based in New York, the elements of nature are as precious, if not more so, and also deserve our full attention.After a school of taxidermy and entomology in London and a diploma from the prestigious École Boulle in Paris, the young designer designs her own creative universe intertwined with green beetles – her signature – and spiritual references like the third eye or African masks.

Handcrafted, Smeena Design jewellery reveals the beauty of what surrounds us, forcing us to look at it from a different perspective, especially the pieces she designs would make us almost animist as we feel like we are carrying a part of the world’s history.

Manufactured in France in noble materials, LE GRAMME jewellery and objects are named by their weight, minimalist, they play on the genre and combine artisanal and industrial know-how.Behind these pieces with their refined design, two long-time friends obsessed with beauty and attention to detail, to understand this, just take a look at the polished silver bracelet with brushed interior, the first product of this collaboration. 925 Silver rush that reflects the light.

If we have a weakness for ribbon rings that we would like to dress with our hands, the latest addition to the brand “beads” reinterprets the iconic pearl bracelet.From this iconic ornament that has often adorned the wrists of many celebrities around the world, “Beads” takes up the essential: a set of fine spheres that follow each other in a perpetual movement, available in silver or gold.

As explained above, the jewellery market is now in a new era, no longer reserved for special occasions alone and no longer needs to cost an exorbitant amount of money, it follows the lines of the body more than it breaks them and accompanies the daily life more than it encumbers it.In 2014, the duo at the origin of the brand, brothers Paola and Humbert, decided to put their talents at the service of women, and in their own words, they wanted each collection to “reflect the creation of a new world, designed for today’s women: elegant, simple and independent”.

This is why PDPAOLA jewellery is so successful: we could talk about the “true gold” earrings and their three mixed rings, the “Blue” ring, a ring surmounted by a crystal and howlite mother-of-pearl with a marble finish.But our talisman is the “letter” necklace, in plated silver, gold, a true tribute to the uniqueness of each woman, set with 9 different stones from aquamarine to black zirconia.